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White Shark Eco Program - South Africa

This is a Great White Shark research, ecotourism, naturalist and volunteer project operating in Mossel Bay, South Africa.


This program offers a diverse itinerary to suit the expectations of a broad cross section of participants. This offers hands on approach to working not only with Great White Sharks, but also other species of sharks in the area.


The ultimate goals of the program are education, public awareness, the advance of shark science and the conservation of all shark species.

Each program is conducted over a period of 27 days* and commences on the 1st of each month. The program is limited to a maximum of twelve participants with a minimum age of 18.


The program is open to anyone with a real interest in sharks and to those who wish to be involved in something rewarding, educational, exciting and overall enjoyable. Anyone studying Biology, Marine Biology, Zoology, oceanography, marine tourism, animal husbandry, marine filming etc will find the program particularly beneficial towards their goals.


During your program you will get a chance to be involved in various activities, including the following:


Great White Shark data collection

Tagging of other shark species

Community education

Environmental conservation

Scuba diving

Excursions in and around the Garden Route

Oceans Research lectures and courses

Marine guiding


Cage diving

Decoy breaching trips



This program is ideal for anyone interested in sharks, eco-tourism, marine conservation, underwater photography or biology.


It is designed to provide participants with a broad spectrum of experiences based around working with Great White Sharks.

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Project Testimonials


Hear what previous interns think about this project and what they experienced!

“The first time that I shared eye contact with a great white shark was the moment I realised how fortunate I was to be in Mossel Bay, in the presence of such magnificent creatures"

Hannah Milankovic

"I am forever grateful to the project, who allowed me to undertake undergraduate research into size-biased hierarchy of bait-attracted White Sharks. With data collected, I am able to complete my BSc Dissertation on a species I am extremely passionate about. As well as behavioural observations, I participated in tagging projects, cage-diving, seamanship activities, breaching trips, and educating tourists and local citizens of the importance of white shark conservation and research.

I recommend the eco project to anyone who shares a passion for sharks and would like to engage with various species situated in South Africa. There are no limitations to what they can offer to shark lovers”.


Hannah Milankovic, BSc Hons Animal Biology Undergraduate @ Nottingham Trent University, UK.

"I had so many amazing experiences which I will never forget and made friendships that will last a lifetime"

Lizzie Hibberd

"I was on the programme in August this year and simply, it was the best month of my life! Being surrounded by people who love sharks and are passionate about conservation was inspiring. I learnt so much while in Mossel Bay and I also got to explore more of South Africa with the weekend trips. The diving is amazing; both scuba and of course in the cage. I can't believe how many sharks we saw out on trips!! If you are thinking of doing the course then don’t hesitate, it will be a month you will never forget!"


Lizzie Hibberd, BSc Marine Biology Undergraduate @ Southampton University , UK

"No matter how passionate you are about sharks, you will find yourself even more fascinated by their every aspect come the end of the trip."

Sam Farmer

"For me, sharks are the ultimate predators in the oceans, especially great whites. So when I first heard about the White Shark Africa volunteer programme I knew it was an opportunity I couldn’t miss.

Not only did I get to spend many days out on the cage diving boat studying the most incredible creatures, but so much more on top of that. Visiting Cape Town and scuba diving with seals and primitive seven-gill sharks as well as diving the famous Aliwal Shoal site in Umkomaas were incredible trips, allowing me to discover South Africa outside of the beautiful Mossel Bay. We also embarked on three tagging trips and tagged several beautiful smaller shark species that I had never seen in the flesh before.

I made lifelong friends in just one month, the locals I met were incredibly friendly and welcoming and spectacular views make Mossel Bay the most charming place I have ever visited. My fellow interns were from a wide spectrum of different backgrounds yet all had an incredible time."


Sam Farmer, MSci Marine Biology Undergraduate, University of Southampton, UK.

"I learned so much in the two months I spent in South Africa about many different species of sharks, but the great whites were by far my favourite! By the end I was able to identify each shark where before I thought they all looked the same!"



Brittney Fleenor, BS Marine Biology, University of Maine, USA

"If anyone is considering this project, GO!"

Brittney Fleenor

This is an experience every marine biologist or shark enthusiast should take!"

Annabel Tolios

"I interned with White Shark Africa after recently completing my Marine Biology degree. Initially I had no real idea of what I wanted to do after finishing university, but going to South Africa not only gave me one of the most amazing experiences of my life, it also gave me hands on experience with some incredible creatures, allowed me to make lifelong friends and encouraged me to pursue a career within ecotourism!"



Annabel Tolios, BSc Environmental Science in Marine Biolog, Deakin University Melbourne, Australia

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