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We are a shark and marine conservation project organisation dedicated to promoting conservation, educating on the issues facing our oceans and marine life, and connecting volunteers with the best projects around the world. Sharks are particularly important to us and the projects we offer reflect that!


We are run by shark and marine life lovers who also volunteer and are passionate about conservation. You can follow us on social media to learn about current conservation issues and see what our volunteers experience on the projects!


What do we offer? If you are passionate about sharks or other marine life and want to volunteer, we provide information and bookings for projects, getting you out there in the field to experience the marine world and do your part for conservation. These projects are perfect for anyone wanting to take on a new challenge, follow a lifelong dream or even carry out research for a university study! We can even help you to organise and prepare for the experience, and offer tips to help you raise funds for your trip.


Feel free to contact us for further information or if you are interested in volunteering!




Each and every person, place and thing on this planet exists together and must remain balanced. Destruction of animal populations and ecosystems directly affect quality of life for humans. To ensure a bright and healthy future for our planet, we must protect its resources and creatures.



On average 1 human being falls victim to a fatal shark attack per year. Within that same year, 100,000,000 sharks are stripped of their fins and left to die with human financial gain as the primary reason. Educate the public. Change minds. Save lives.



Voluntourism brings a diverse group of people together to work towards a common goal. It is a journey that promotes personal growth alongside professional development. Volunteering your time will change both your life and the world.

At Sharkservation we know that a future for sharks is in all our hands and those of the next generation of conservationists. Our goal is to promote shark volunteer projects and encourage participation. We feel that ecotourism and voluntourism especially is a growing part of our modern society in which people are realising the effects that our actions have on this planet. With the effects being present in our lives and in the news regularly, more and more people are now actively seeking ways in which to help negate these effects and save our planet.


Becoming known as voluntourism, people are wanting to do more than just using eco-friendly companies and operators when they go on holiday. They are now looking for experiences where they can also be a part of a conservation initiative, the experience of which brings them together with other like-minded individuals in a common goal, resulting in a sense of achievement and camaraderie. This is something we, the founders of Sharkservation, experienced whilst working on our last project. That and our previous love for sharks and passion for bringing their plight to the attention of the public has led us to start Sharkservation.


We are dedicated to sharks, their conservation, educating people about them and helping to preserve the environments they live in. The oceans are the largest ecosystem on the planet and the apex predators keeping balance within them are sharks. They are vital to keeping balance within the oceans.



The Sharkservation Team

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